The Owens Family

The Owens Family

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Get To Know Us

We are The Owens Family

Age: 30
Height: 6'2"
Ancestry: Caucasian-Italian, Danish, Swedish
Occupation: Range Management Specialist, NRCS
Education: Bachelor of Science-Biology, Master of Science- Range Science

Age: 30
Height: 5'8"
Ancestry: Caucasian- English, Danish, Swedish
Occupation: Former third grade teacher and Pilate's instructor, now a happy stay-at-home mom
Education: Bachelor of Science- Education

Age: 2 years old
Height: Medium/ petite
Ancestry: Biological child of Jake and Janalyn
Occupation: Growing,exploring the world, and training to be a big sister
Education: Proficient in counting,coloring, and learning new words every day

Our Story
     During our years of marriage, Jake and I have always dreamed of having children and we have known the pain and grief of infertility.  We have seen different doctors concerning our infertility which they have diagnosed as unexplained.  Despite the unanswered questions, we pushed forward, and tried to cling to hope as we learned to trust Heavenly Father's plan for our family.  We were so fortunate that we qualified to work with doctors in a medical study to do In Vitro Fertilization.  This procedure brought us our miracle, Paige.  If you could see the three of us together, it would not take you long to see that we are truly a grateful family.  We have each other, and it doesn't take more than that to make us happy.  God gave us Paige,  and we are so thankful for the doctors and treatment that helped us come together as a family.

     After Paige's birth, we were open to having more children.  While continuing to work with doctors, we knew of more heartache after coming to the realization that our infertility may not be "cured."  Janalyn's father is a psychologist that began his career working with LDS Family Services as a counselor for birth parents.  At times he would bring home beautiful babies to care for, until the babies parents came to a decision.  He instilled in Janalyn an appreciation of the sacrifice and love of adoption.  Jake's family has experience with foster care and they too are very supportive of adoption.  We have considered adoption for many years and we've had a feeling that now is the right time to pursue our desires to adopt.  That feeling has grown so much.  Jake and I are on the same page, and are so excited for this new possibility for our family. 

     Every day we teach our daughter to be kind, to be happy, and to give love but the truth is that Paige has more of a natural capacity to love than anyone we know.  Paige will be so excited to be a big sister.  She loves her cousins and her friends and we can just see the day when she will get to hug and kiss her new sibling.  We hope to meet special people along the way that will change our lives, and we would love to hear from anyone that feels like they should get to know us.  We already have a love for the courageous and amazing people that we hope to someday meet.

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