The Owens Family

The Owens Family

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our Angel Baby Daughter

 Before I attempt to begin to tell this story, I have to first aknowledge that God's hand was in it to begin with and He was the one that answered our prayers with such precision and exactness that we are overwhelmed and marvel that He knows us so well and loves us.  We DEARLY love the birthmother to this sweet baby girl.  She loves this little girl so much, and it because of that love that she had the strength to place her into our arms.  We are mindful that this was an almost impossible thing to do, and yet she did it.  We know that she would love to see your comments and read what she our daughter means to you and what this sacrifice means to you.  We love you so much D!  We love your family and friends!
 This is Brielle Beatriz Owens!  She was born May 12th, at 9:01 a.m. weighing 4 pounds, 15 ounces and 18 1/2 inches long.  She was born in Virginia, which is where we are right now as I write.  I want to share with you the significance of her name to us.  I met the birthmother of this little girl about 3 months ago and we felt a very special connection to her.  We knew that we both wanted to share an open adoption.  We wanted to decide on a name that we both would love and so we talked for a few weeks about it.  At first, Jake and I had completly different names chosen, but they did not fit our daughter's beautiful culture.  She is hispanic, and her roots and ancetsry are from El Salvador.  One day I blurted out the name "Brielle."  (prounounced Bree-elle)  I had never heard the name before, but I liked it.  Immediately, D (the birthmother) said she liked the name.  She said it was a bright, happy name.  I looked up the meaning of her name.  Her name means God is my strength.  We knew that this fit perfectly.  Her name reminds me every day that I can do hard things through Christ.  It reminds me of the Christlike sacrifice her birthmother made. 
Beatriz (prounouced Bay-uh-treece) is a name with Latin roots.  It is D's middle name, and D's mothers' middle name.  This name means one who brings happiness to others.  Beatriz will bring so much happiness into this world.   Brielle has been surrounded by so many people that love her.  We want to honor them and their love for her.

D called me to say she was in labor about a week before her due date so Jake, Paige and I got on an overnight plane to try to make it forthe birth. D wanted us there.  Imagine my surprise when I arrived in Virginia only 5 minutes behind her birth. I felt like Brielle waited for me to get there, and that she was able to share a special moment with her birthmother alone. It was as it should be. Her birthmother was so calm and I marveled at her strength. 
Brielle was placed into our arms Monday, May 16th. 

If you read this shirt that I put on Paige today, I am sure that it will bring a smile to your face.  We just can't believe that Paige has a sibling.  Paige's life has forever changed. Adoption has brought this gift into her life and I know that she will LOVE being a big sister.
There is so much more to the story, but I will save that for later.  Right now, Jake and I are too busy staring at Brielle to do much of anything else.

We love you all!  You helped pray this baby into our arms.  Jake and I know that we have been surrounded by your support.  Once again, WE LOVE YOU!