The Owens Family

The Owens Family

What You Should Know About Jake

Written by Janalyn Owens

When I started dating Jake, there was a quality about him that set him apart from other guys I knew. That quality was his ability to be 100% genuine.  He seems to have a sense of himself, and by honestly presenting who he is, he helps make others feel good about who they are too.
I also am inspired by how steady and stable Jake is.  He wants to do what is right, and that desire comes from his love of the Lord.  Jake does what is right without questioning, he serves without needing recognition, and he is quietly confident without arrogance.
When I first saw Jake on a horse, I could easily see that he is a gifted horse trainer.  He is patient with animals, he teaches them step by step, and his relationship with horses is a natural one.  Likewise, when he became a father he seemed to be a natural.  He is a very involved and patient father, he gets down to Paige’s level to teach her, he takes joy in her joys, and his relationship with her is full of love.
Jake is very masculine. He is athletic and an outdoorsman.  He complements my personality because I am so feminine.  Jake is known in his family for his sharp sense of humor.  He is also a stable provider, who is active in his mind and his body, which is why he chose a career that would allow him to be outside and that would allow him to help people.

What is most important for you to know, is that I believe that Jake and I have a special connection, almost like we were cut from the same cloth.  We love each other, and we nurture that love.

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