The Owens Family

The Owens Family

What You Should Know About Paige

Paige at 1 month

It is no secret that Paige is the joy of our lives.  She is also the joy of our families, as they have prayed and hoped that she would come into this world.  We look forward to our next child in the same way and we are so excited to see our family grow!

When we brought Paige home from the hospital until now Paige has always been a really nice, easygoing child.  We don't claim she is perfect, (although her grandparents will tell you otherwise), but she really is such a sweet little girl.

Paige has always loved two things-animals and people.  We cannot wait to take her to the zoo next summer.  In the meantime, she loves to visit the horses that both sets of grandparents own.  She also loves her cousins and friends in our community.  She can be a little shy at first, but she warms right up to anyone that pays her attention.

Graham crackers, stickers, books, cookies and milk,and baby dolls have a special place with Paige.  Janalyn made Paige a little couch that is just her size.  She loves to sit and read her books.  She also loves the time of day when her dad comes home, because she expects to have some good play time with him.

In the years before we had our daughter, we had many years to think about parenting styles and how we imagined ourselves as parents.  We have made choices to be consistent, to have clear expectations, to teach at a level of understanding appropriate for each developmental stage, and to parent with love.  Janalyn's years of teaching have come in handy.   She has always believed that each child deserves opportunities.  Each child is unique and does not have to fit one mold.  We hope to encourage our children in their unique talents, and help them succeed and be kind people. 

                                                                 Paige's most recent picture

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